macrame Plant Hangers

knotted string plant pot holders made from natural fibre jute and hemp string and nylon string.

Some of the natural fibre hangers have been dyed using food colouring and beads added.

Prices are for the string hangers only and do not include the plant or pot unless shown. Where the plant and pot is shown delivery is only available within Cyprus.


Pine Cone Garland

Knotted with the classic macrame loop at each end. Four 2-ply jute string knotted at 4-5cm intervals with a pine cone every 30cm.

The 4-5cm intervals between knots allow for greenery, baubles, lights or any other decoration.

Paper Craft

card fridge magnets

Experiments & Tests

Fairy chair & table

Chair made from bamboo skewers with the seat woven in the traditional method for ‘Cypriot’ chairs. The table is the plastic thing used on pizzas, dipped in glitter.

In the background an orange felt dodecahedron as a test for Christmas decorations.