Google Analytics Reporting


Our Internet Analytics Services can include using Facebook Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics and other web analytics services. We use Google Analytics data as part of our toolkit in our SEO copywriting and SEO copy editing services.

If you don’t already have Google Analytics activated on your website we can set that up. It involves adding some code into your website. After a few weeks data will begin to populate the various metrics and we can help you understand and use it. As an example, it will show what search terms were used by people to land on your page.

The information retrieval system from Google Analytics provides a vast set of data and statistics which can be useful to you. Search engine marketing to increase sales, or increase followers or provide the basis for a Google Ads or other online advertising campaign. Google Analytics can show you the digital profile of people accessing your site, their gender, age range and other demographic data. It shows what pages they land on, where they go on from that page, how long they stay on a page and why they may have left. Google Analytics data is especially useful when organising an advertising campaign using Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other platform classifieds providers. Targeted online advertising means your ad will be shown only to those potential customers you are targeting. Budgets for adverts can be set by changing the variables of geographical location, target audience demographics and length of the advertising campaign. Analytics can also show if visitors to your site have landed there via a social media platform.

Google Analytics is a complex service closely related to our SEO and Social Media Management services. Talk to us as the Google Analytics work you need will be as unique as your business.