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my portfolio

PeDXR an Erasmus+ funded program on the co-design, development, implementation, and validation of a learning framework, for the use of extended reality technologies, in pediatric nursing education in Higher Education.
The 5D Studio, Architecture & Interior Design Studio. Website design & development. SEO copywriting and copy editing. Special features: bespoke ticker of materials suppliers. This site included architecture and interior architecture services bundled with construction. The challenge as to link the three services as one concept '5Dbuilding'.
An NGO based in Cyprus concerned with democracy, corruption and electoral fairness. The client brief was to create a site with not too many images, a resource of relevant national and international law as well as a blog.
A partner to Mishimou-Business providing web design & development, SEO and website analytics services with the focus being on graphic design, brand identity and brand design.
A solicitors law firm based in the UK. I worked with developers to create this site offering legal services to individuals and companies. The challenges here were in SEO and bringing the site to the first page of google results.
A WordPress plugin for solicitors in England. This landing page is a test page for the plugin and a succinct overview of what the plugin can do. In this instance I worked with a graphic designer to produce the logo.
A landing page for an orthopaedic surgeon offering services in Cyprus. This was linked to a Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign
A website for a mining company based in Malaysia. The client decided not to proceed with launching the website. Several developments were implemented including a ticker showing current London Metal Exchange gold, silver and other metals prices, updating tables of prospective mining profits based on current metal prices and graphs.
A personal project to catalogue and identify forageable wild food in Cyprus

Why Do I Need a Website?

It may be effective for some individuals or organisations to stick to social media platforms and not bother with a website. However, why not make it more legit and presentable on your search result and rankings.

Your website is entirely within your control and not subject to changes and restrictions imposed by social media platforms. Your website is your digital extension, awake and ready to respond 24 hours a day 365 days a year for online shopping or online services. We will create a package particular to your needs. Do you want us to build it and then you take full control? Do you want us to build it and take on the day-to-day administration of your website? Do you want a mixture of both? Talk to us for a quote.

We focus on WordPress and Wix but can assist on other platforms such as Joomla and e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Website Design, Build and Development

Whether you already have a website that needs refurbishment or you want a new build we can help. We will discuss your needs and create a unique plan and pricing according to your requirements, these can include:

  • Domain registration
  • Email exchange management
  • Hosting your website
  • Website template (on subscription hosts such as Wix)
  • Website add-ons and plug-ins allow a myriad of different functions in order to make your site unique to you.
  • Forms services is the creation of electronic forms that plug into your web pages and allow the visitor to interact and communicate with you. For example, an electronic questionnaire can capture the basic needs of a client in preparation for a first meeting. Click here for our client questionnaire.
  • SEO Copywriting and copyediting.

Website Administration

We will customise our website administration service to accommodate your needs. If you have a WordPress site that has changed webmasters several times and now is out-of-date on the current install and has numerous active and inactive plug-ins which you are not sure are being used and if they are can they take the wordpress upgrade, we can give you a cost and time evaluation for bringing your site up-to-date. This can be a one-off service or we can agree to a periodic cycle of administration subscription.

Training and Tutorial

We create customised ‘cheat-sheets’; an A4 page with screenshots showing you how to perform website admin tasks. This can help if there are several admins on your website. We offer desk-side [covid caveat here] or by video call website admin training and support depending on the package you select.

We offer other web based website builds, for example as an intranet or password protected data room. Talk to us for your particular needs.