Social Media Management


Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Twitter etc are useful to drive traffic to your website. They are ready made social networks which connect millions of people as friends, followers, groups, business, organisations and your customers.

We will create for you a schedule of posts on a three-week rolling cycle. You can select how many posts per week and we will adjust our pricing package accordingly. Content creation of each post will include a line of text with a short punch headline, a link to a page on your site, relevant hashtags and a suitable image overlaid with your brand logo. You will review each post and then either you or we can publish it.

Digital marketing and particularly social media marketing allow your brand to appear to potential customers much more frequently than your website can. This can increase your brand awareness and brand loyalty of your target audience.

Pay-per-click Ads
Advertising on social media platforms can be a more appropriate campaign than running a promotion on GoogleAds. The ‘Cost per action’ or ‘Pay-per-click’ model means the budget you set for your campaign will only be used where someone clicks on the ad. Target market and target audience are key as the social media metrics provide data in order to identify the people you want to target in Cyberspace. This could be by age bracket, gender, level of education or other demographic data.

Social Media Management is a complex service closely related to our SEO and Google Analytics services. Talk to us as the Social Media work you need will be as unique as your business.